Enjoying the day at Manresa beach
June 13, 2004
What better way to spend a beautiful Santa Cruz day than at the beach. We wanted to try out a beach that was a bit more remote to avoid the crowds. Manresa State Beach fits our needs perfectly. The shallow area is just packed with sand crabs. Monica even manages to find a clam.
This is as close to the water as Nick will get. He's a warm water kind of guy. Nick could have pointed out the gob of sunscreen on Charlotte's chest sometime during their walk down the beach.
Monica goes undercover after an extended session in the waves.
I could hang out here all day if it wasn't for my pale complexion. Living by the beach really is the life.
A real beach staple has got to be the old pirate torture routine. Bury your enemy up to their chin, and wait for the tide to come in. Gabe gets the tamed down version of this old favorite.
Monica gets her turn next.
The sand mound also makes a great lounge chair.
Time for more boogie boarding.
Nick spotted a hawk swooping down by the cliffs. Everyone heads over the check it out.