Ohlone Day at Henry Cowell
September 18, 2004
Gabe was very excitied about heading out to Ohlone Day over at Henry Cowell park in Felton. I guess it was a big deal at school and he was particularly interested in the spear throwing he had heard about. We brought Doug along to make sure the day was a big success. First stop is a demonstration of starting a fire without a match or a flame thrower. Gabe's attention appears to be drifting as the guy is taking way too long to get the fire going.
Now this is more like it. Throwing small spears at pretend targets two people roll between each other. Gabe has a lot of luck with nailing the deer, coyote, and the rabbit. The Ohlone children learned to hunt this way. Gabe has a bit more practice ahead of him before joining in a real hunt.
Finally we make it to the real spear throwing area. A docent demonstrates the use of the spear and the atlatl. Looks easy doesn't it?
Gabe and Doug strategize on their chances of success with such a complicated sequence of actions. Gabe concentrates hard and gets off a few good throws. Unfortunately the reality of throwing a real spear like this is well beyond the attention span of my collection of young boys.
The pump drill is more to Gabe's liking. It takes some effort to drag him away from this eventually.
While Gabe is drilling holes in small pieces of wood, Doug and I enjoy the best event of the day. The native dances and songs are quite excellent. All in all, a very nice way to spend part of the day.