Gordon Hoyem's 80th birthday
November 14, 2004
We're off to George's house to celebrate Gordon's 80th birthday. Gordy and his family, Karen, Valri's family, Bea, Renee and her family, and our family will all be there for the big party. Charlotte took Gordy and his family up to San Francisco for the morning before meeting up at George's place.
Gordon and Annie join in the hotel strike. Someone must have been wondering if child labor issues were at stake as well.
No trip is complete without swinging by Chinatown.
Some street performers and drummers provided them with some unique entertainment.
Some nice shots of the family with the Golden Gate bridge and the bay in the background.
Everyone finds their own way to enjoy themselves before dinner.
The obligatory family photo shots before we dig into the food.
Plenty of food for everyone, though we definitely needed quite a few tables to hold this many people.
Gordon opens his presents as the party comes to an end.