Sun, sand, and rockets at Cocoa Beach
February 6, 2005
We're off to Orlando to meet up with Lynda and Steve's family at Disney World. They have a timeshare at the Old Key West resort, so it was hard to pass up on the opportunity for a first visit to Disney World and to see their cousins. We've been to Disneyland a few times, but never to the mother of all theme parks. We decided to spend the first day checking out the other coast, so we packed up the car and drove out to Cocoa Beach to see how it compares to the Santa Cruz scene. The beach was really beautiful, the waves were awesome, but I expected it to be warmer. It really was pretty much the same as back home, which was of course no problem for my kids.
I couldn't resist stopping when we saw this old Mercury rocket on display along the road. It's really amazing to picture the first astronauts sitting on top of this thing.
I managed to convince the caravan to make a quick stop at Cape Canaveral for a quick peek while we're in the area. There's no way I can convince the crew to actually go in for a full tour, so we have to settle for a few shots from outside the gate. The shuttle stuff is totally awesome, though the last photo is a fake from in front of a nearby attraction.