Disney World's Animal Kingdom
February 7, 2005
Our first day at Disney World begins with an exciting shuttle bus trip from the Old Key West resort to the Animal Kingdom. Steve, Lynda, Rachel, and Monica look primed for a day of fun.
There's definitely something to be said for a park where you have a chance to actually interact with some living things other than a pile of tourists on a ride. The kids really enjoyed the python and the petting zoo. Gabe had a blast with a deranged cow that sounded as if he had seen enough people that day.
The safari ride was pretty fun and we had a chance to see quite a few animals. Not quite as much fun as the place I recall from my childhood where we drove through an animal park in Orlando where the animals were free to roam anywhere.
One of the highlights of the park was definitely the Tarzan Rocks show. Everyone loved the live rock show. The music, singing, and dancing were a real rush. I think Kyle is destined to be a rock group roadie from the look of things.
The Primeval Whirl roller coaster was a total blast. What a great idea to combine spinning with a roller coaster without involving the whole sick as a dog thing. I couldn't stop laughing through the whole ride. This was Gabe's very first real roller coaster and now he's hooked.
The big ride of the day was definitely the Kali River Rapids ride. This was so much fun, unless of course you were the one that got totally soaked. We did this so many times I think everyone had a chance to get really wet. As an added bonus, we got the last ride of the day and spent about 10 minutes stuck at the top of the falls waiting for the ride to continue.