Disney World's Epcot
February 8, 2005
Today's Disney World trip is to Epcot. Not a lot of photos, but we did really enjoy the Mission Space ride. Nothing like pulling some Gs to get your day going. In the waiting area after the ride, Gabe and I enjoy a team effort on a cool video game.
Gabe and Kyle do a bit of bonding.
The kids enjoy a bit of sombrero fun at the Mexico plaza at the World Showcase. This was unfortunately the last stop before the wave of sickness kicked in. Gabe started to complain he was feeling bad and needed to go home. Little did we know this was just the beginning of a cascade of stomach virus to hit everyone for the next week. I can't say it was the best birthday of my life, but I loved being with Lynda and her family and we had a great dinner thanks to Mom.