Gabe's birthday party
March 28, 2005
It's the big day and it looks like we're going to be very lucky with the weather. The sun is starting to shine and a full double rainbow is welcoming Gabe to his first day as a nine year old.
Monica is busy with some elaborate artwork wishing Gabe a happy birthday and giving directions to our party guests at the same time.
The large crowd of very happy boys are immediately attracted to our favorite attraction, the trampoline. I don't think I've ever seen quite so many people on it at the same time before.
The next stop is everyone's second favorite, the big rope swing. You can catch quite a bit of air, so the line forms quickly.
We have one last chance to get some real food into everyone before they fill themselves with candy and cake. The pizza was a big hit.
Next stop is the pinata. The little worm held up remarkably well considering the heavy use of steroids on this baseball team. The twine I used to hang the pinata didn't fair very well though. It was so weighted down with candy it broke on the second hit. We used a jump rope and clipped it on the swings so the violence could continue. The mad dash for candy when it finally breaks is always the crowning glory of these events. I think Nick wishes he was given a shot at the pinata.
We finish up with a delicious cake and a bevy of presents. I'm sure this ranked as one of Gabe's very best birthday parties. I know I had fun.