Fishing, hiking, and picnicing at Loch Lomond
April 3, 2005
We're off to Loch Lomond in Felton today before the rain kicks in later tonight. Valri brought the food and we brought the charcoal. Gordon did an awesome job working the barbeque.
Of course Gabe manages to catch a trout almost immediately after casting his line the first time. I'm left with the job of cleaning the fish since he's now on the picnic menu.
Meanwhile I nearly catch Nick in the act of beating a tree with a stick. The park ranger would not be happy.
Gabe enjoys a Michigan campfire potato. We throw them in the fire until they get black, cut them in half, and then scoop out the middle. It's quite a treat.
After Valri and Gordon leave, we go for a walk in search of salamanders. We strike out in our search, but the walk along the lake is always nice.
Time to load up the supplies and head back home. These two have had a big day.