Gabe's wildflower field trip to Fall Creek
April 13, 2005
Gabe's class has been studying hundreds of wildflowers in class for some time now. All the effort is about to pay off with Mr. Sutherland's big field trip to Fall Creek. It's a long hike, but the kids all hang in there great. Everyone is very excited and actively identifying and discussing all the flora and fauna they find in the park. Our study group did an awesome job checking off nearly everything on our clipboard list. We even managed to identify a few items not on the list.
A few of the plants we found on the hike included trillium, five-finger fern, elk's clover, a whole field of forget-me-not flowers, and a nice collection of lace fern. We also managed to spot items such as tiger lilies, a garter snake (that I caught and let everyone pet), false Solomon's seal, and many more types of ferns.