Monica competes at the International Games
April 22, 2005
The sixth graders in the area hold a competition between the schools every year over at Soquel High School. Scotts Valley has the privilege of being represented as the USA every year, though I wouldn't mind being the school that represents Wales or Jamaica instead. The big event starts with a march around the beautiful field.
There's plenty of action for many kids, while others wait around for their big event. Monica's events are all later in the afternoon. Paula is there with her school representing Mexico.
Monica lines up for her first event, the soccer kick.
The tug of war was the last event of the day, and boy were the kids tired. USA clobbered everyone like they were doing all afternoon, but the final was super tough going against England. It looked like we were about to lose when the crowd started chanting USA. The kids dug deep and pulled off a huge comeback to win.
The team regroups and waits to hear the results. Everyone on the team got a well deserved medal along with a plaque for the overall team win. The dynasty continues.