Nick graduates from Middle School
June 9, 2005
Today is a very big day. Not only is it the start of summer vacation, but it's also the last day for Nick at Middle School. Next year he'll be going to High School, driving, dating, and other very scary things. The family gets dressed up for the big event.
There's plenty of milling around before the event starts. Monica and Gabe aren't very happy about all the waiting. I'm just hoping the weather holds and it doesn't start pouring on us.
The procession begins and all the kids are looking so very serious. They already look way too grown up. Can this many years have really gone by?
Monica seems happy the waiting is finally over.
Over 200 kids come up to get the piece of paper that confirms it's time to move onto the next stage of their life.
I've been trying to take a picture of Gabe all day. These are the only ones he would let me take, and I had to act like I wasn't taking a photo.
Two hours of sitting quietly and clapping hands constantly results in a huge explosion of energy once the event is finally over. Let the party begin!
Mom sure looks proud. Nice job Nick.
Who knows what's next for our big man.