A big day at Lake Tahoe
July 9, 2005
Lots of activities planned for today while we're at Lake Tahoe. I brought the bike along for a ride around the lake. I get out early to beat the traffic and the heat to enjoy all 73 miles and just over 4 hours of riding. Meanwhile Gabe and Ari find plenty of sticks and rocks to play with in the back.
Charlotte, Paul, Anat, and Stephanie go for what looks like a beautiful hike.
After hiking and riding, everyone heads over to the beach to enjoy some sun, sand, and lake. It really is a great spot even if the water is a bit cold. It doesn't seem to bother the kids much.
Charlotte takes a few great photos over by the big rocks.
Back at the house it's spaghetti dinner time and I'm piling on the carbs. Meanwhile the kids leap into an impromptu aerobics session followed by total collapse after a big, fun day.