Goodbye Mr. Marshmallow
March 9, 2006
Monica and Mackenzie are over at Sarah's house to make a little trouble. First they help in loading up Sarah's new iPod. Mackenzie then shows the Japanese writing she recalled from a recent dream. Surprisingly, it means absolutely nothing.
Their next great idea was to build a marshmallow man in effigy of a substitute teacher they aren't too fond of. I think they may be the first to practice marshmallow voodoo.
Sarah's pet Axolotl watches from a safe distance. Monica thinks this is the coolest pet ever.
Mr. Marshmallow and his friends are finally complete. I think he knows something bad is coming once he's mounted to the cardboard. His happy pretzel face gives a hint of what's next.
A sad site indeed, as he is consigned to flames of woe. Goodbye Mr. Marshmallow, may the place you're going be a better one than this.