Charlotte and Valri head to Chico State
August 12, 2006
Charlotte and Valri headed out to Chico this weekend to get Chris setup for his next year up at Chico State. Valri is into big industrial sites and Susian Bay in Benicia has plenty to offer. The mothball fleet stands ready to set sail.
A rare sight inside the den of a modern day college student. Looks a lot neater than I recall from my old college days.
Charlotte has a load of fun goofing around the campus.
The next day they visit the Bidwell Mansion. This place is quite the spread. There's a great story behind this piano and you wouldn't know by looking at it, but that toilet is the first of it's kind in all of California.
A stop back at the campus before heading home. The hills on the way back make it easy to see why this is the Golden State.