Road trip to Yosemite
September 9, 2006
It's always so hard to get reservations in Yosemite Valley, so Charlotte reserved a room at the Yosemite Lodge a year ago and the time to take advantage has arrived. It's a great weekend and everyone is jazzed about the trip, even if there's a pile of homework that needs to get done.
Today we're heading out on the trail up to Vernal Falls. Maybe we can make it to Nevada Falls also, but that's likely too big a trip for our crew. Everyone is looking really happy so far.
Things get quite a bit more challenging when we hit the steps along the falls. I think it's equal parts fear and exhaustion at this point.
Gabe is about ready to revolt, but we endeavor to persevere.
There's a bit of a respite at the base of the falls, with a surprise right around the corner.
Now this is a scary little section our brave hikers manage to traverse.
This is one busy trail!
Emerald Pool at the top of the falls is as beautiful as ever, though they don't let you swim in it anymore. It's very difficult to resist the temptation.
We stumble across an angry bear, but manage to avoid a terrible mauling.
Rather than heading back down the scary way we came, we head further up to catch the John Muir trail. We actually manage to climb pretty much as high as Nevada Falls, but it's definitely worth the effort as far as Charlotte and I are concerned. Of course the kids are not very happy about the extra effort.
It's a long and dusty way down, but a whole lot easier than negotiating those steps and all those people.
Finally it's time for a dip in the river.
I love the stone bridges they have in Yosemite.
We let the kids collapse in the room for some much needed rest, while Charlotte and I head out for just a bit more hiking. The meadow offers some great views.
The views of the lichen up close are a treat as well.
As the sun sets on Half Dome, so ends a great day in one of the most fabulous places on earth.