A nice drive in the mountains
February 27, 2007
Gabe is off to Science Camp this week and unfortunately forgot his coat in someone's car. Charlotte and I head off over the summit towards Eureka Canyon. Charlotte is wearing the right shoes for the trip, and I'm thinking twice about my choice of sandals once we see that it's snowing on the summit.
The road closure up on Highland Way is worst than I remember. Maybe the dark, the ice, and the snow are making it seem a little scarier than when I was on the bike. Then again maybe it always was. I know plenty of riders that will really enjoy the adrenalin rush this part of the SVEF Mt Charlie Challenge Ride route will provide. What a fun place to work on rock piles! I'll have to ask Monica if she wants to try it up here.
What fun! It's just like being up at Lake Tahoe.
Our destination at last, and we don't even get to see Gabe. Stay warm little man.