Gabe's birthday party
March 24, 2007
First stop on Gabe's festival of fun in Nunu's in Scotts Valley to create some pottery masterpieces. I can't wait to see them after they're fired.
And the artists show me their stuff. Gabe showed me a little more than I bargained for.
They finished up early, so it's time to burn off some excess energy at a local park. Kind of like a tornado setting down in your backyard. I'm sure the locals and their very small children enjoyed our visit.
And now lets all run over to the swings.
Now this was really fun to watch!
After some great food at the local taqueria, we head back to the house for fun, cake, presents, and more. The obligatory pillow fight on the trampoline is always a great birthday staple.
Everyone loved the cake, and Gabe is one happy camper with his new presents. He's been riding his new skateboard ever since.
Let's just say they all stayed up very late and got up ridiculously early. A great success.