Passover and Easter at the Multers
April 8, 2007
The stars have aligned this year and we'll be enjoying both Passover and Easter today. First is the mad dash for candy in the backyard. The Peysers and Sonia's family are joining us this year. We're very happy to have them over. We're sorry to not make it to New York this year for the seder, but we've got Ira's 70th birthday coming up and a big trip planned in a few months in New York for that.
The seder was a load of fun this year. We did the super abbreviated version, which the kids enjoyed I'm sure. This year I made a raisin noodle kugel that came out fantastic and really brought back the memories. I always think of Edith whenever we have the hard boiled egg in salt water. I wish we could have had more family over.