Charlotte and Lynn hike Yosemite Falls
June 2, 2007
Looks like a beautiful morning beckoning the intrepid hikers to begin their long journey. Time to leave the cozy cabin to start on the dusty trail.
Charlotte and Lynn posing at the trailhead.
The hikers make their way up the long winding trail.
Hey, that's Half Dome over there. We've been to the top of that one before.
That's a freakin rattlesnake!
We're waking, we're walking. The views are slightly better than on the usual Santa Cruz hikes.
One last push before the top of the falls.
Of course that isn't really the top. Time to cross the falls and continue on to the spot the girls are pointing out.
It just keeps on going up.
This is it! A bit to scary for me, but Charlotte and Lynn enjoy it.
A well earned dip in the cold river.
And what a view!
That was one beautiful hike.
And here's the video to prove it.

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