Accepting the Webby Award for LinkedIn
June 5, 2007
I've been an active user of LinkedIn for a long time. It's a great tool for professional social networking that I find useful personally, and for my work at Waverley Software. They recently won two awards at the annual Webby Awards and asked their 11 million subscribers to suggest a 5 word acceptance speech for one of the awards. I threw my suggestion into the hat, and unbelievably they selected mine! Now I'm off to NYC to accept the award for them all expenses paid. It's always great to come visit New York. Dan and Kay from LinkedIn were my excellent hosts. Kay's logo bling was very cute.
Dan and Kay were kept very busy with all the press.
The designated marks for the press was an interesting site. A few of the press told me no one really followed the instructions.
The event location looks quiet now, but in a few minutes it will be packed. Unfortunately that's were my photos stop. It was very tough to take pictures during the event. Charlotte came to NYC with me, but we couldn't get a ticket for her. That means there are no photos of me accepting the award with "Thanks for the endorsement".
Update - Kay from LinkedIn passed on a couple of photos she took at the event. Turns out there are a couple of pictures of me after all. Still waiting to see if I show up on YouTube one of these days.
I got a few second glimpse of David Bowie before he left the stage. My only memento was this lousy picture of one of the projection screens. I didn't get a picture of the Beastie Boys, who were clearly the most interesting award winners for me. The Webby site has lots of additional information on the entire event.
Back at the hotel, it's good to see Charlotte again.
The next day we catch some breakfast before heading to the airport and home. I definitely like my new Webby t-shirt.