Visiting Washington, DC
June 30, 2007
Today is going to be a very busy day. First stop is the Washington Monument.
Quite the view from the top, though it is a bit hazy.
The Holocaust Museum was an overwhelming place.
A few more beautiful sites along the way.
And then one of Monica's famous self portraits while we have lunch at Gordon Biersch. I couldn't believe it when I spotted this place. Feels like we're back in the Bay Area.
Monica really loves Abe Lincoln, so she thoroughly enjoyed visiting Ford's Theater.
We're walking, we're walking...
The White House would have been a great place to visit. Unfortunately we're not getting anywhere close nowadays.
We're walking, we're walking...
The new World War II Memorial is really beautiful.
Next we head over to the Korean War Memorial.
Then it's over to the Lincoln Memorial. Everyone does some heavy lifting with the Washington Monument in the distance.
Last stop is a visit to the Vietnam War Memorial, Einstein, and George Washington University.
Back to the hotel to collapse. My feet are killing me.
Once we're recovered, we head over to Alexandria for dinner and the sights.