Backpacking on the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail
August 19, 2007
Our last day will cover just over 13 miles, and boy are our feet sore. Time to suck it up and hit the trail. Fortunately it's mostly downhill today. The trail along the river makes for plenty to see along the way. A few trout make Gabe wish he had a fishing pole.
Catching this newt during lunch is surely the highlight of the day for Gabe.
I love the way the trail ends with a bunch of climbing while the sun bakes down on us. Gabe is not amused.
Low and behold it's the beach! It seems like it will take forever to make it the last mile or so.
Well we finally made it. Now we just have to crawl the last few hundred yards to my car. In just three days Gabe has become a super hiker. The whole trip was at least 32 miles, and I hear that it's close to 4000 of climbing and 7000 feet of descending. Now that's one awesome accomplishment!
Here's my best attempt at mapping the route.