Backpacking in Denali National Park, Alaska
September 5, 2007
Matt and I are off to the great state of Alaska for a one week backpacking trip in Denali National Park. It's my first time and I'm really looking forward to it. Matt has been there plenty of times, so I'll be relying on him to show me the routine. My new Canon 40D and 17-40mm f4L lens should make for some awesome photos.

The trip to the park turned out to be quite an ordeal. Our United flight to Denver was delayed by a little over an hour. This was just long enough to miss our connecting flight to Anchorage. We managed to get on a later Alaska Airlines flight, but we were really worried if our backpacks would make it along with us. Fortunately we all arrived as expected, so now we only have to drive 4 hours in a rental car to get to the park just in time to get our permit at 9am.

Once we've got our permit, it's time to get finalize packing and hop on the camper bus for the 4 hour trip to our unit. Over 24 hours from when we started in California, we're standing quietly by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, ready to head off into the backcountry. The view makes me forget I haven't had any sleep.

On the bus ride we spotted a fox, caribou, and our first grizzlies. A female and her two cubs can be seen below if you've got good eyes. Unfortunately the big telephoto I still need to get didn't make this trip.