Max and Shweta Multer's wedding
November 24, 2007
Monica, Nick, and I are in Silver Springs Maryland for Max and Shweta's wedding. Lynda and her family, Carole and David, Jonathan and Joni and the twins are here too. It's an awesome opportunity to see everyone and be there for Max and Shweta on a very special day. The ceremony is at a Hindu temple just north of Washington DC. It's such a treat to be a part of such a unique ceremony. Of course my Indian is a bit rusty.
The couple pose for an endless series of photographs. They really look like a prince and princess, and I love those shoes.
The ceremony itself goes on for hours, but it's a lot more informal than I thought it would be. Fortunately that makes for great behavior from all the kids, as well as many happy adults. It would have been fun to have been a part of the action, but Nick had that pleasure. He looks really good in my old suit.
This little girl was the daughter of one of Shweta's cousins, and she was such a cutie.
I think this part of the ceremony was the equivalent of "you may kiss the bride". I think the multiple walks around the area did the trick.
Everyone is enjoying themselves.
I liked the part where everyone fed each other. When do I get to eat?
And now for the family group photos.
Max Multer, you da man.