Our new puppy Gracie
December 12, 2007
Charlotte is up in Oregon today getting our new puppy! Here are some photos of her mom (black) and grandpa (cream) along with some of her siblings.
This is the last she'll see of her old pen.
Grandpa gets a grooming that he really seems to enjoy.
One last feeding from mom. I'm sure she'll miss this.
Tug of war with her sibling looks fun.
Testing out the travel case for the airplane.
A little more tug of war with her favorite toy.
Now it's time to say goodbye to her old home and grandpa.
Nap time on the plane ride home.
A quick shot in the airport on the iPhone so we can get a glimpse of our new puppy before she arrives.
The new puppy is here!
It's ridiculous how adorable she is.