Touring San Francisco State University
February 15, 2008
Charlotte took Nick and Monica up to San Francisco today to take a campus tour of SFSU. I think it will be a bit to urban for their tastes, but it's a good idea to see a broad range of schools.
Nick's most memorable moment on this trip musy surely be the seagull that took a dump on him during the tour. Thanks for the memories dude.
Not a bad view of the campus from up here.
Heading down the coast delivers sights such as paragliding at Fort Funston and the spectacular Taco Bell beach house in Pacifica.
Devil's Slide has undergone some amazing changes since I've been there quite some time ago. The new route and bridge are amazing. I really need to get up there to check them out myself. The view is still just as beautiful.
Half Moon Bay has also grown tremendously, but the harbor is still fantastic especially on a great day like this.