Having a blast at Moon Rocks in Bonny Doon
March 28, 2008
I can't believe we've never been to the Moon Rocks in Boony Doon before. I've ridden by this place on my bike before, but never really understood what I was flying by. Valri suggested we take Karen and the kids for fun, and it sounded good to me. What a place! Definitely one of the most fun local destinations I can think of, and the kids had a blast.
I heard about the carvings in the sandstone, and these are only just the start.
The exposed ridges of sandstone make for great carving material if you've got the skill.
This rock outcropping was the where we climbed around to the backside of the structure that let us climb along the top.
Some of the climbs proved a little challenging for some of our party. Nick seemed to have no such trouble. This place really brought out the mountain goat in that boy.
Come on girls, get up here already.
Now we just have to work around this edge...
The view from the top is awesome. The number of carvings is just phenomenal.
Leave it to Gabe to grab a lizard.
Man, it's fun up here.
Gabe and Doug found one of the more fantastic features.
A few of the many carvings. I would love to come back up here and catalog everything you can find. It would make an awesome table book.
The view of the bay is quite a treat.
Some more great artwork.
On the way home, we get a glimpse of one of the many turkeys that have been out this Spring.