SVEF Mt Charlie Challenge Ride
April 26, 2008
Today is the day for the big SVEF Mt Charlie Challenge Ride. It's the biggest fundraiser for SVEF since it started six years ago. Though I'm somewhat biased, it's definitely the most fun as well. Charlotte, Paula, and Sally have been working their tails off for months getting everything arranged. A big thanks to everyone else that helped make this year's event another resounding success.
Gabe and the school band offered up some early morning brass.
Lots of happy faces this morning as everyone gets ready to roll.
Hopefully we'll get one good group picture out of these before the 100K route group takes off.
And the band plays on.
Here's the 50K route group taking off.
It's hard to tell from the photos, but around 80 people just finished riding either 100K and over 4,000 feet of climbing, or 50K and maybe 1,000 feet of climbing. My route took about four hours, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A well earned lunch awaits, and hopefully I'll get lucky in the raffle.
Lots of conversation, food, and music while we relax in the shade.
A long procession of raffle winners take home their booty. I made out with a nice sweatshirt.
I'm ready to head home and relax.