SVEF Ice Cream Social
May 18, 2008
Today is the result of the biggest fundraising effort on the SVEF calendar. Charlotte has been working her booty off preparing for today. It will be very nice once we've gotten through today's big event. Meanwhile, Gabe just can't help staying focused on his discus throwing.
Stephen doesn't seem to mind Gabe's one track mind.
Gracie is such a cutie!
SVEF's fearless leader in her cute pink hat.
This year's semi-official photographer for the event. At least I think I am.
The stage has an endless series of very cool performances to keep everyone entertained.
A bit more of the stuff going on.
I can't help being drawn by the allure of the bouncy houses.
Though the cake walk looks pretty enticing as well. Nice job Sonia and Dave.
Kathy is one awesome school principal.
This flute performance was very nice.
I wish I had stayed longer to watch the gymnasts. I'm sure I could have gotten some great photos.
Doug, Stephen, and Gabe are fun to watch from far away.