Driving to Michigan - Shoshone Falls
June 19, 2008
Charlotte, Nick, Monica, and our dog Gracie are taking the long road to Michigan this year. Gabe already flew there with his aunt Val and some of his cousins, and I'll be flying out to join them in a couple of weeks. Charlotte thought a nice road trip would make for a chance to take the dog and to visit some great sites along the way. First stop is Twin Falls, Idaho and the site of Evel Knievel's famous Snake River jump site.
A nice shot of some elk on a nearby ridge. We'll be seeing quite a few more elk in the coming days.
Nearby Shoshone Falls is a spectacular sight.
Charlotte was not impressed by Craters of the Moon. Maybe they need a campy lunar lander to bring in the crowds.
A long day of driving ends at Jackson Hole. Tomorrow there will be a lot to see.