Driving to Michigan - Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, Badlands
June 21, 2008
Our travelers next stop is Devils Tower in Wyoming. Somehow I suspect the photo loses some of the imposing presence of the real thing. I can't help but hear those sequence of tones before a close encounter.
That's one doggy whose logged a few miles.
Nick really enjoyed the prairie dogs. Especially the barking guy spreading out in front of his hole.
Then it's time to visit a few old presidents that actually made people proud over at Mount Rushmore.
Looks like a fun place to hang out. I'm sure everyone is getting a little worn out from all the driving.
They should totally have one of those cardboard cutouts where you can take a photo with your face added to the lineup.
Is that a mountain goat over there?
South Dakota has one more spectacular site to offer on this road trip. Other than Grand Teton, I think the Badlands were Charlotte's favorite.