Cemeteries, agates, dinner, and a boat ride
July 9, 2008
Every year we like to visit Charlotte's grandmother over at Lakeview Cemetery. It's also a good chance to finally get some photos of family headstones for adding to the genealogy section.
The next stop for today is Calumet Waterworks and some rock picking. Crazy gabe walks around in his socks since he doesn't have any water shoes. The rocks are very painful to walk on, as his great expressions shows. Charlotte seems to be having a good time as well.
Something about this rock and those plants caught my eye.
Nick is the man.
We found quite a few nice agates on this trip.
We'll be coming back here again soon.
Back at camp we're having a family dinner with everyone. Lots of hungry kids and plenty of great food.
Looks like the usual fishing group is coordinating a trip.
Charlotte spotted a barge heading across the lake.
The pontoon boat is loaded up, and they're off.
Karen opts for a more relaxing approach to enjoying the lake on her kayak.
While the few that remain take a more land-based approach.