Pictured Rocks tour
July 21, 2008
After checking out the waterfalls in Munising, Charlotte and Monica head over the Pictured Rocks. The sights are very nice from the shore, but our intrepid duo are going all out and taking the boat tour.
Looks a little cold out on the lake.
Big sandy cliffs beckon to the girls.
The view of Miners Castle from the water is well worth it.
More pretty cliff views.
Another tour boat on their way back.
What a surprise, more pretty cliffs.
And then just around the corner, a whole bunch more. The view of Petit Portal isn't great with all the fog.
This carved out little nook looks pretty cool.
Followed by a view of Chapel Rock. That tree looks like it's holding on for dear life.
More cliffs, I didn't see that coming.
The Grand Island East Channel lighthouse is a distinctive wooden lighthouse. And that brings our tour to an end.
One last waterfall stop at Munising Falls before heading back home.
It's also a great chance to swing by and visit Marquette. Charlotte has some great memories of swimming out to this little island when she was going to college.