Cliff cemetery, Dreamland, and storms in the Keewenaw
July 25, 2008
Today we're driving all over the Keewenaw with any of the family that wants to join in. First stop is over at Calumet Waterworks.
Monica visited Cliff Cemetery last week as part of her MTU class. Today she's showing us around this very cool place.
After a great lunch at The Hut, we head over to the rock shop. George and Caroline have never been here, and it's a great chance to see some very nice agates.
After heading home, the whole family heads over to the Dreamland for dinner. Friday night dinner is a real Bootjack tradition.
The happy couple out on the dock.
An awesome storm front just skirted the edge of camp. George and I waited patiently in an attempt to capture a lightning photo to no avail.
Though it did result in a couple of nice shots with the storm in the background.