Costanoa on the coast with Charlotte
August 6, 2008
I was thinking that a night on the coast with my most excellent wife would be a nice time, especially sinceI haven't seen her for some time while she was driving back from Michigan. I've wanted to stay at Costanoa since it's across the road from my favorite beach. First stop is over at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.
There are two nice hiking loops from the hotel. The first one goes up into the hills with some great views of the ocean. I really liked the chairs at the top of the hill.
Back at the hotel we find a really big chess set. We need to stop by here sometime with Gabe so we can have a match.
The next loop is down to our favorite beach at Franklin Point. The dunes are just totally awesome.
We then work our way along the cliffs and the shoreline.
It's a pretty nice view out to the island at Ano Nuevo. Tomorrow morning I think we'll head down that way.
Then it's back across the fields to the hotel. A very nice breezy way to spend the afternoon. I'm looking forward to relaxing at the hotel with Charlotte.