Charlotte Runs Wild for a Child in San Francisco
November 29, 2008
Charlotte is headed up to San Francisco this weekend to do the Run Wild For A Child 10K run. Since she's doing it on her own, I'm joining her for the trip, though not for the run itself. I hate what running does to my cycling legs. We stop for lunch in Sausalito. Looks like the weather for the run tomorrow is going to be fantastic.
Today is a huge surf day as I heard a big Alaskan storm sent a big swell our way. Since I can't enjoy boogie boarding down in Santa Cruz, we head to the Marin Headlands to check it out. We are not disappointed.
It's hard to gauge the size of the waves, but clearly they're pretty damn big.
We then headed to the lighthouse and got a nice glimpse of the beach we were just at a moment ago.
The Golden Gate Bridge is always a fantastic site.
Through the tunnel we go.
Unfortunately we got here late and the line to cross the bridge is really long. They restrict crossing to 2 people at time, so this is going to take forever. Charlotte got a nice photo of the lighthouse with her iPhone.
Then we catch a glimpse of a small fishing boat racing past some really huge waves on it's way back into the bay. Now that looked really scary!
More totally excellent waves, and one blurry turkey vulture.
I'm glad we waited long enough to get some photos of a big container ship heading into the bay.
One last shot of the lighthouse and we're off.