Christmas dinner at the Multers
December 24, 2008
Everything is all set for this year's dinner with the Peysers, Hoyems, and Charlotte's dad. We did a little furniture rearranging and managed to get the extra table close by.
Gracie is looking forward to some company as well.
The family group photo is a little late for making it on a Christmas card, but it looks great anyway.
The big family group photo reminds me of the photos from Bootjack. The second photo has some funny faces.
And now for some of the usual milling around before dinner. It's nice to have Charlie back in town after his Navy training.
The ham and turkey holiday dinner is a hit as usual. The biggest problem is always giving away the leftovers so we're not stuck with the same lunch every day for weeks.
Gabe puts on a nice little trumpet performance for everyone. I think he's still trying to perfect the songs from his last performance.
Another great family get-together comes to an end. I sure wish more family was close by, we miss everyone that couldn't join us.