Hiking the Cahill Ridge trail with George and friends
January 4, 2009
George invited us along for a unique hike up near his place. The Cahill Ridge trail requires reservations and a guide to lead our group. It's a great chance to hike an area that's not really open for public use. It's also an opportunity to get to know some of George's very nice friends. We're missing a few people this very cold morning, but the rest of us are ready to enjoy a great day.
Today's hike will be out to just past the five mile marker.
Our usual hikes are high speed with no stops, but today we're enoying lots of great conversation and even a nice lunch stop.
The views are even better heading back the way we came.
It's great having family so close.
One last view before heading back to the cars and over to George's place to get Gabe. I know he's been enjoying his time playing with Zach.