Tour of California Ride the Stage Ride
January 24, 2009
To help support the Amgen Tour of California and the stage 2 finish right here in Santa Cruz, I joined the local Peloton Club. There are lots of fun events lined up in addition to a VIP spot to watch the finish. Today they've got a fun day of riding on part of the course. I guess it might be hard to call it fun going up Bonny Doon, but riding a great hill, with lots of great people, and a bunch of really cool pros, is definitely my idea of fun. It's a bit wet out, but I'm looking forward to a great day.
There's lots of great fun going on at the bike festival when I get back from the ride. Awesome food, plenty of music, and a nice rest after a good effort. It was pretty funny watching all the crazy bike competitions and clapping for who we thought should be the winner.
I figured others had to have way more miles on their bike, but Charlotte convinced me to enter into the most miles on the odometer competition, and amazingly I won! I suppose 27,000 miles is a bit, though that's around what a pro does in just a year. It took me five years.