Yellowstone in winter
February 19, 2009
Yesterday was a great day in Yellowstone, and today we're off for another day of driving and photography. We pass our first big herd of elk on our way over to Mammoth. Sure wish I had the big telephoto.
The cascading hot spring terraces pose for some nice photos. This is part of the lower terraces area.
Here's a nice hot spring cone formation called Liberty Cap.
They call these travertine deposits.
Here are some nice views from the very beautiful Lamar Valley.
We stop at Pebble Creek for some snowshoeing. The narrow canyon is one of the nicest spots we found on our trip.
We even find a pretty cool cave. Fortunately there isn't a bear.
A few shots on the way back out of the canyon.
The mountains of the Absaroka Range in this area are pretty spectacular.
Sunset in Lamar Valley is quite the sight as well.