Yellowstone in winter
February 22, 2009
Yesterday was an awesome day in Yellowstone park for wildlife, but today we'll be enjoying some really close encounters. The antelope are out in full force as soon as we drive into the park.
Here's a great scene showing a typical indigenous human herd that roams the park looking for great wildlife. There's a sub-herd of photographers, and one of wolf trackers. Both work hard all day long to spread the word about these great animals.
Everyone is busy watching a lone wolf that split from the pack. She's wandering near the road calling to the pack. She then crosses the road and heads down the other side.
Amazingly she crosses the road again right in front of us! It was next to impossible to take a shot through the windshield as she went by.
She then hooks up with the pack again on the other side. The black wolves in the pack are really beautiful.
All that pack movement is making this herd of elk very nervous.
I get one parting shot of Yellowstone video legend Bob Landis. I hope he doesn't mind the photo I took, but this guy is the man. He's out here just about every day of the year, all day long, and he's been doing it forever. His movies are must sees. I can't wait for my next trip to Yellowstone. Maybe next time with the family.