RV trip to Death Valley
April 4, 2009
We've decided to do the RV thing this Spring Break while the kids are off. I always wanted to try it out, and most of the family really enjoy road trips, so we'll see how it goes. Thanks to El Monte RV for the rental, and for not plastering those embarrassing pictures all across the vehicle. Driving this beast isn't as bad as I thought, but we go through a number of passes covered with windmills, an ominous portent of things to come.
We spent the previous night at an RV park in Bakersfield since we got a late start after the kids got out of school. This morning we make our first stop at Red Rock Canyon State Park. The rock formations are pretty awesome.
Everyone has a blast exploring them as well.
A little glimpse into RV life. There's always a lot of lazing around and sleeping going. Not a surprise with all the driving.
Then it's up to Lone Pine for lunch.
And then a visit to Manzanar. Monica did a report for school on it, and she's excited to stop and see it. It reminds me of the Holocaust museum in DC. It's a really sad feeling to know how far people can sink. It's always important to remember these histories and hope for avoiding similar things in the future.
Heading east towards Death Valley, it's only us and the cattle.
We'll be seeing a lot of this kind of landscape.
Time to checkout this cool Joshua tree.
The descent into Death Valley is really scary in the RV. The uphill isn't much fun either.
Another stop in the desert.
Gracie didn't join us on the trip, but Charlotte's little stuffed poodle keeps us company anyway.
We grab a camping spot in Stovepipe Wells and then head out for a little hiking before the sun goes down. Charlotte takes Nick and Monica out towards Mosaic Canyon.
While Gabe and I hike out towards Mesquite Sand Dunes.
A few interesting shots along the way.