SVEF Mt Charlie Challenge Bike Ride
April 25, 2009
This year is the seventh running of the most excellent SVEF Mt Charlie Challenge. I've been doing it every year, even before the current route up Mt Charlie. It's always a ton of fun for me and for Charlotte, though she puts in a ridiculous amount of time to pull the event off. Charlotte, Paula, and Sally really anchor the whole effort, and it's always worth a big thank you to them for making this the best fundraising event for SVEF for the past seven years.
We've got about the same size field again this year. Scott's Valley's finest lead us out for the ride up Bean Creek. Now this is always quite the treat. I'm tough to spot in there, but think of it as one of those Spot Waldo puzzles.
There's not a lot to do while the bike riders are pounding back 100km, and a few doing 50km.
Nick heads off for some lunch and a chat with his old teacher Stella. Now that woman can ride a bike!
A few more people that made it back early.
Monica gets credit for all these photos, so she more than deserves a few random shots of local park action.
More riders keep rolling in.
While Nick gets a little much needed relaxation.
Here comes a big wave of people. I rode most of the event with Brian and some of his riding buddies. They're in this group, but I headed home for a shower before returning to the park for lunch.
Monica nails some totally excellent skate park shots.
And they just keep on rolling in.
Nothing like chilling to good music, food, and conversation after riding for a pile of hours over quite a few mountains.
A big thanks to the food volunteers. Another outstanding lunch on this great ride.
A few more of the local Scotts Valley bicycling crowd.
Nick is just priceless.
I could hang out here all day.
A few more baby shots and action at the park.
I can't believe people are still rolling in.
I can't believe I missed the ice cream truck. This might be the only thing this ride is missing.
I knew Gabe and Doug were around here somewhere.
Now it's time for the endless progression of raffle prizes. It's amazing how many local businesses are able to donate so many items for our great event.
Well, that's enough for me and I see for Nick as well. Let's pack it up and hope Charlotte changes her mind about the ride for next year.