Sequoia and Kings Canyon road trip
May 30, 2009
Yesterday we got to Kings Canyon too late for any hiking, but this morning we're heading out to Cedar Grove and the hike up to Mist Falls. Now this is one big descent down into the canyon.
With a few very pretty little flowers along the way.
The Kings River is really rolling like crazy. We don't stop at Boyden Cave, but we do make a quick stop at Grizzly Falls.
The end of the road brings us to our hike out to Mist Falls.
Charlotte nearly steps on this rattlesnake on the side of the trail. Now that was pretty exciting!
And the intrepid hikers trek onward and upward. The falls should be pretty awesome considering the amount of water pouring down the river. I love that little island out in the middle.
Yeah, the top is just around the corner.
Welcome to Mist Falls everyone. Now it's time for lunch.
Monica tries to match Charlotte by nearly running into a deer on the way back down.
There are some great views on the long drive back up the canyon. All I can think is what an awesome climb this would be on the bike. I think it's something like 18 miles and 2000 feet of climbing.