Nick graduates from Scotts Valley High School
June 10, 2009
Today is a very big day for Nick as he graduates from Scotts Valley High School and moves on to the next big things in his life. Grandma Phoebe is here visiting from Pennsylvania for the big occasion. Seems like a good excuse for some family photos.
The family is all here while Nick and his friends are all on display.
There's a great procession of speakers today, all giving great advice to all the students as they move on to their next big things. Antares Yee and Johnny Jih shared the valedictorian recognition. They get the award from me for the best speech, as they shared the tale of their close friendship and plan to share this recognition from the very start of their high school years. Very cool.
Matt and Paula's daughter Lauren receives her diploma. She's off to Cal Poly too.
And then it's Nick's turn. Cal Poly here we come!
Lots of excited former high school students throwing their caps.
Nick and his friends look pretty jazzed.