Bootjack roadtrip - Tahoe to Salt Lake City
July 5, 2009
After a short day yesterday, the girls are planning on twelve hours of driving through Nevada and Utah to Salt Lake City. Not much to see in Nevada on the first half of the day, except for a few oddities.
Gracie gets a frisbee lunch break in Elko, while the girls get to stretch their legs. Gracie finds a stuffed traveling companion to keep her company the rest of the way.
More boring hours of driving through Nevada.
Crossing over into Utah, hopefully things will get a bit more interesting. This Ford pickup didn't do so well. Lots of weird sights as they make their way through the salt flats. Do you want any Morton salt with those fries?
Welcome to beautiful Salt Lake City! Lots of Mormon landmarks to take in.
The flowers are pretty stunning, while Monica enjoys finally having a good digital SLR to record her travels.
A bit more sightseeing around Temple Square before calling it a day. I'm sure they've got a few more long days ahead.
With dad away, Gracie gets the prime spot in bed next to Charlotte.