Bootjack roadtrip - Driving through South Dakota
July 8, 2009
Yesterday was a bunch of driving through Wyoming, but today the ladies will be heading through South Dakota. This is going to be a very long day with a ridiculous number of photos. Hope you enjoy them.
A break in the town of Deadwood was a good opportunity to check out the local history.
The Adams Museum was very enlightening. Say hi to Wild Bill for me.
The Crazy Horse Memorial looked good, but was crazy expensive for the thrifty travelers.
The town of Custer has an excellent collection of painted bison.
Monica had a prairie dog moment, something about sitting in the car for a little too long.
Charlotte and Monica have some kind of thing about shacks.
The next big stop was Wind Cave National Park, but no dogs were permitted, so the girls continue on to Custer State Park. The wildlife is really starting to kick in now. The wildlife loop drive was the highlight of the entire road trip. Unfortunately there are no photos that capture the bison that charged the car, but it's quite a story.
There's so much wildlife on this loop, they are pouring on to the road as well. I hear the begging burros are quite legendary. The bison don't beg, but you better stay in your car and be ready to hit the gas.
Leaving the park, the quest for more shacks continues.
Road signs are nearly as exciting as shacks. There are over 150 Wall Drug signs on this stretch of the road. Here's a small sampling of the collection. The excitement at finally arriving at the much anticipated Wall Drug store itself must be overwhelming.
It's hard to tell from the car grill photo, but take my word for it, there are a million bugs wedged in there. Enjoy the final set of shack and sign photos. The T-Rex has to take the cake on this stretch.
Finally our intrepid travelers arrive in Chamberlain, South Dakota. The numerous tornado warnings throughout the night made for a restless sleep before another big day tomorrow.