Bootjack roadtrip - Across Wisconsin and arriving in Bootjack
July 10, 2009
The girls spent last night at the Winfield Inn in Bayview. Looks like a very beautiful place, especially the gardens.
And a lovely koi pond.
Plenty of statues and views. Charlotte would love to come back and stay again sometime.
Charlotte and Monica went for a run along the Lake Superior shore before heading out for the last stretch of driving.
Then it's off to the Apostle Islands lakeshore area. It's definitely an area I would love to go visit, especially for some fishing with Gabe.
Then it's over the border into the great state of Michigan, driving through Houghton in the Upper Peninsula, through Lake Linden, past the mine boogers on Bootjack Road. The Dreamland means it's only 3.7 miles to Gordon's place and the start of the real vacation!