Back with the family in Bootjack
July 13, 2009
Another beautiful morning in sunny Bootjack Michigan. Gracie enjoy her favorite pastime, fetching a frisbee while the wind is blowing pretty hard off the lake.
Nick and I just got in from Califorina after a good amount of excitement. I just finished up with a week of backpacking in Alaska that you can read about starting here. You can probably tell there's still a little bit of stubble on my face. I figured it was pretty novel, and the family would enjoy it. Nick did not enjoy the flight out here given the drama of our departure. I flew through SFO a few too many times and headed to the wrong airport this morning. Let's just say we had a very fast car trip down to San Jose, but we just managed to make the flight. Now that was a little stressful.
There's nothing quite as attractive as a man in a fez. Reminds me of my old Akbar days at Apple.
Looks like Monica is really pissing Nick off. It's good to be back with my family.