Taking Ira and Karen to Calumet
July 14, 2009
Good morning Bootjack! Let's see what's waiting for us out there today. One of our local bald eagles, some pretty flowers, grandma's place in the garden, an evil squirrel, happy dancing Charlotte busy cleaning, and some of grandma's artwork.
We're off to town today, specifically Calumet to play tourist with Ira and Karen. This place has plenty of old, cool buildings.
A favorite place of ours has to be Copper World. What's not to like, they've got copper, cool hats, cool signs, funny finger puppets, fudge, licorice pipes, and did I mention copper?
Then it's off for a few more sites, dinner, and some ice cream over at Dairyland in Lake Linden. I love Charlotte and Nick's face as they try to get into the car when it started raining. Monica is such a little devil.
It's kind of scary to think what Doug will be like when he gets older. Only kidding.